Nate Loucks

About Me


For my adult life, I have been on a journey to find my true self. Perhaps there isn't a greater exercise in discovering yourself than writing a biography. I'll try to maintain some brevity and tact. If you know me, you'll appreciate the challenge.

I was born in 1981 to Neal and Denise Loucks. I'm their fourth child. I like to believe that it took them four children to finally find a perfect child. My siblings merely scoff.

I married my wife in 2005. She's incredibly funny, beautiful, crafty, and profound. We have three children that are outpourings of our love for each other. It's been a joy seeing how each one of them shares traits and habits of Ema and I. Nora is incredibly sensitive, caring, and artistic. Finn is intensely passionate and emotional. Harry is slightly devious but happy.

I do life with a group of radical, Jesus-people in LaPorte, IN. We planted the State Street community in the poorest part of our community because we firmly believe that resurrection is possible in even the most broken situations and places. We laugh together, mourn together, and grow together. They are my family. Here's a bit of our story: