Nate Loucks


Nate Loucks is the pastor of State Street Community Church and the President of the Pax Center in downtown LaPorte, Indiana. These are thoughts on faith, social entrepreneurship, and the beauty of life.

Come Together [a new series at State Street]


I will be finishing up our "Parables of the Kingdom" series soon. We will then begin a series I'm very excited about. The series was designed to do a few things; (1) talk about the different Christian movements that have influenced State Street, and (2) seek understanding across our ecumenical borders leading to a better appreciation of other expressions of our faith. 

My two primary influences are the Wesleyan and Anabaptist movements. This bleeds through to the culture at State Street in very tangible ways. But, there are other influences that we embrace as well. Many people at State Street come from other backgrounds that have helped them (and us as a community) see Christ more clearly. Some in our community are unfamiliar with other denominations as a whole. We'll talk about the founders of the movements (Menno Simons, John Wesley, Martin Luther, Alexander Campbell, etc.) but also abou the larger contributions of each theological distinctive. 

Here's the series schedule:

June 16Introduction [taught by Nate Loucks]
June 23The Wesleyan Movement [taught by Nate Loucks]
June 30The Anabaptist Movement [taught by Nate Loucks]
July 7: The Restoration Movement [taught by Tim Baines]
July 14The Lutheran Movement [taught by Nate Loucks]
July 21: The Catholic Movement [taught by Nate Loucks]
July 28
The Anglican/Episcopal Movement [taught by Nate Loucks]