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A Tale of a Few Gifs [An Update]

Gather around everyone. Go ahead, grab yourself a chair and ol' Uncle Nate's going to let you know what's happening next in Tumor Gate '13. But, because I can't bedazzle a blog, I'll make it a bit more exciting with the proper use of .gif's.  

Since I was released from the hospital on August 3rd, we've been waiting by the phone for various doctors to call. We've been waiting for our next step from our oncologist and endocrinologist namely. Ema would call them and they'd say, "We'll call you back when we know something." Then, we'd get nothing. Just more waiting. We've figured out your little games, oh smart doctors. I like the cut of your jib. But, you won't get the best of my wife.  



Then we finally heard the news. On August 12 (today if a calendar isn't handy) we'd be meeting with a cardio-thoracic surgeon for a consultation. Because the appointment was early in the week, it would be likely to get a surgical biopsy that week. Needless to say, we were pretty excited. 


Then this morning I got a call from the cardio-thoracic surgeon's office. It's never good when you get a call from the doctor just hours before the scheduled appointment. 


As it goes, he had been called into surgery. Someone needed him more than me, which is understandable. It happens. Though my tumor consumes every thought of every day for my wife and I, the sun still rises. People have it worse than us. People are dying. He's a busy guy. But, then we heard the bad news. He probably won't be able to get us in for an appointment for another week or so. Surgery would need to be another 10-14 days. 


My oncologist, being the military colonel and touted oncologist that he is, went into action. As he said, "It's nuts to think you can wait that long for a biopsy." He called a cancer treatment center in Goshen, IN. They were able to get me in today for a consult. Dr. Abad (pronounced "A-bad-mamajama" sans the mamajama) met with us and set up an appointment for the biopsy for tomorrow. Here's to you, Dr. Abad.


There was a bit of a glitch, though. Dr. Abad wants to do another needle biopsy. But, this time, he wants to have a pathologist (and microscope) in the room as they do the biopsy. He doesn't want to do a surgical biopsy unless they absolutely need. So, here's the plans for now: if they find the cancer tomorrow during the biopsy, I will start treatment for whatever cancer it may be. If they don't find the cancer, they will do a surgical biopsy and look harder for it.  

That's all I got for now, fellas. You have a good day. Thanks to everyone coming along for this journey. Even you who I haven't met, but know you're out there. I see you and I appreciate you.


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