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Nate Loucks is the pastor of State Street Community Church and the President of the Pax Center in downtown LaPorte, Indiana. These are thoughts on faith, social entrepreneurship, and the beauty of life.

Home: the best place to cure disease

Over the last three days, I have been poked, prodded, awakened at all hours, ran through a dozen or so tests on all locations of my body. But, today the best news came; I get to go home. For now. 

Many people have been praying for Ema, the kids, and I over this time and I can't thank you enough for your prayers and concern. We know the best kind of people. It is a blessing to live in a world that cares as deeply about a stranger as some of you have shown me. 

Though I wish I could write more about the last few days and what that entailed, I am very tired and will be going to bed soon. But, here is an update for those curious:  

1. Cancer: the many other CT scans they put me through came up negative. The tumor has not spread to any other area. One area they hadn't checked yet is my brain, but the doctor said that it could be done at a later date (I wanted to go home). We will [possibly] get some preliminary answers from the biopsy on Monday. The conclusive results should come on Wednesday. My oncologist, at this time, believes that it will prove that my cancer is Hodgkin's Lymphoma. This is a very treatable cancer that has a 5-year survival rate above 80 percent. We will beat it. 

There is still a chance that it is lung cancer, but that is much less of a chance than the lymphoma.  

2.  Grave's Disease: while in the hospital, they found out that I have a completely-unrelated-to-the-cancer condition. It's an auto-immune disease. Essentially, my thyroid won't shut off causing it to work overtime, all the time. However, this will eventually burn my thyroid up and stop working altogether. The treatment for this is to advance the stages of it and kill the thyroid (either through surgery or radio-iodine). It's not an uncommon condition, but it's normally seen in older females. I'm trying not to let that effect my pride too much. ;-)

It's not a serious problem to treat, but it can manifest itself in some serious issues left untreated. It could be causing some of the issues I am having currently, along with the cancer.  

I will write more at a later time about what the next step may be, but for now, I'm going to sleep in my own bed. Thank you, again, for being concerned about our family. It means the world to us. 

Nate Loucks