Nate Loucks


Nate Loucks is the pastor of State Street Community Church and the President of the Pax Center in downtown LaPorte, Indiana. These are thoughts on faith, social entrepreneurship, and the beauty of life.

New Music: Dry the River

For fans of music, Tuesdays are big events. It's on Tuesdays that a new crop of albums are released to the masses to enjoy, dissect, and interpret. There are few things as enjoyable during my week as listening to a new, highly-anticipated album from beginning to end for the first time. 

I love it. 

I had been looking forward to the release of Dry the River's sophomore album for a few months. Now it has arrived and it has proven to be well worth the two-year wait from their last (and first) album. 

Fantastic harmonies.
Sweeping choruses.
Thoughtful lyrics.
Distorted guitars.
A beautiful album and wonderful listening experience. 

Check it out.