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SOTD: Holly Jolly Christmas - Sufjan Stevens

Joe Baughman is a talented dude. Though we've met once, he's really more a friend-of-my-friends. He was invited to create a video for Sufjan's new Christmas album. Joe's creative prowess is demonstrated by his ability to animate this entire video using stop-motion (which my friend Andrew DeSelm helped with). All that to say; I'm really impressed by this video. I suppose it's extra impressive when you know the people that created it. 

Plus, it's a very catchy song. 

Song of the Day: the Avett Brothers - Winter in My Heart

In this song, the Avett Brothers tackle depression in a way that only those that have journeyed through the illness understand. On one hand, it's a beautiful depiction of the struggle to find happiness even when you can't understand why happiness seems elusive. On the other hand, it's just a finely written song. 

When the Avett Brothers released their latest album, they also released some accompanying commentary. Here's the explanation of "Winter in my Heart."

Song of the Day: Kopecky Family Band - Heartbeat

I'm going to try to post a song-a-day here at I listen to a ton of music. I would also argue that I have impeccable taste in music but that has come against some scrutiny against less aesthetically-minded folks. 

Kopecky Family Band formed in Nashville in 2007. I remember reading a review about their performance from SXSW at the Paste Magazine showcase a few years back. At the time, they had only released a few EP's; Embraces in 2008 and The Disaster and Of Epic Proportions both in 2010. It wasn't until this October (2012) that the band released their first full-length album. 

The album is a really nice indie-rock album that fuses dirty guitars, great cello accents, some synth highlights, and even lyrical depth.