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The Summer Friends Podcast

The Summer Friends Podcast is a regular conversation hosted by Nate Loucks. It is equal parts storytelling, interview, and education. We talk about community, shared interests and struggles, how our lives intersect, and where the guest plans on going from here.

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Summer Friends | sum‧mer frends |
Friends whose lives intersect over a shared season and place.

The Summer Friends podcast is a regular conversation hosted by Nate Loucks. A summer friend is a person whose life intersects with your own for a brief season. Summer friends never have a permanent presence, but they often leave a lasting impression.

Each episode will be equal parts storytelling, interview, and education.

Let's be friends, even for just this season.

The Summer Friends Podcast | Leigh Morris

Leigh Morris, former mayor of LaPorte, Indiana, visits the Summer Friends Podcast. It’s only an hour long, but we managed to talk about:

  • The Gary/Chicago Airport

  • The selling of the Indiana Tollroad

  • Winning a mayoral campaign

  • Losing a mayoral campaign

  • Changing careers in your 30’s


  • What region is best for LaPorte; South Bend or Northwest Indiana?

  • Leigh’s appreciation for the Oregonian healthcare system.

  • Right-to-die laws.

  • Political civility

  • The diminishing authority of religious leaders in the public sphere.

And, there’s more, I’m sure. Leigh and Marcia Morris are friends. They’ve been great supporters of the work of the Pax Center. It was a blast catching up.

You can listen to the Summer Friends Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn, and Spotify. Please do me a huge favor and (1) share the podcast, (2) subscribe to it, and (3) rate it. On next week’s podcast is Adam Wilson, the owner of Wilson’s Barber Shop and Shave Parlor in LaPorte.