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The Summer Friends Podcast

The Summer Friends Podcast is a regular conversation hosted by Nate Loucks. It is equal parts storytelling, interview, and education. We talk about community, shared interests and struggles, how our lives intersect, and where the guest plans on going from here.

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Summer Friends | sum‧mer frends |
Friends whose lives intersect over a shared season and place.

The Summer Friends podcast is a regular conversation hosted by Nate Loucks. A summer friend is a person whose life intersects with your own for a brief season. Summer friends never have a permanent presence, but they often leave a lasting impression.

Each episode will be equal parts storytelling, interview, and education.

Let's be friends, even for just this season.

The Summer Friends Podcast | Jennifer Rhine-Walker


I started this podcast with every intention to post an episode each week. My wife wisely warned me that even I, who obsesses about work, would not be able to attain that goal. She was right.

These conversations mean a great deal to me. I have always loved people. I love hearing their stories. I love finding out about their passions and fears. People fascinate me. But, though I love this podcast, there is only so much time. And Halloween, Thanksgiving, and #GivingTuesday got the best of me.

We’re back for a few weeks of episodes. On this episode, my friend and State Streeter Jennifer Rhine-Walker joined me in the State Street Substandard Studio. We had a great 90-minute conversation (interrupted by the occasional train whistle) that I was able to widdle down to only 50 minutes. We talked about her work as a sex crimes investigator, the need for honest communication with children, how churches can be more of a hindrance than a help, and so much more. I'm grateful for Jenni and all that she does.

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