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Summer Friends

The Summer Friends Podcast is a regular one-hour conversation hosted by Nate Loucks introduces people into your life and mine for just a brief moment. It’s one hour of equal parts storytelling, interview, and education. We talk about community, shared interests and struggles, how our lives intersect, and where the guest plans on going from here.

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Summer Friends | sum‧mer frends |
Friends whose lives intersect over a shared season and place.

The Summer Friends podcast is a regular conversation hosted by Nate Loucks. A summer friend is a person whose life intersects with your own for a brief season. Summer friends never have a permanent presence, but they often leave a lasting impression.

Each episode will be one hour of equal parts storytelling, interview, and education.

Let's be friends, even for just this season.

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We have had a lot of fun creating engaging and informative experiences at our monthly Discussion Over Dinner events. Last week, we produced our fourth installment. Each month, I learn something new about what is happening in our community and the key stakeholders helping to create change. To succeed at these events, we have needed a radically generous volunteer and staff team that is similarly passionate about learning and serving. They are the best.

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One of the greatest features of our Discussions Over Dinner is the ability for those in attendance and watching live to text their questions to the panel. We don't have our thumb on the pulse of everything happening in our community, so a communal inquiry process helps create a conversation that goes where it needs to go for the night. I start with a 30-minute opening segment, and then those watching get the next 60-minutes to ask the panelists about the things they care about most.

Our new podcast is called the Summer Friends Podcast.

Whereas Discussion Over Dinner has a live audience, The Summer Friends Podcast will be me, one other person, and two microphones.

Whereas Discussion Over Dinner has a panel designed to help educate and inform, The Summer Friends Podcast will be story and interview driven.

Whereas Discussion Over Dinner requires a whole team of people to execute, The Summer Friends Podcast will be recorded in the State Street Coffee House and edited by me.

The hope is to introduce you to a person and let the podcast intersect our lives for just a brief moment. Like our summer friends, our presence with each other probably won't be permanent, but it can still be meaningful.

I hope you'll join me and subscribe and listen.

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