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The Summer Friends Podcast

The Summer Friends Podcast is a regular conversation hosted by Nate Loucks. It is equal parts storytelling, interview, and education. We talk about community, shared interests and struggles, how our lives intersect, and where the guest plans on going from here.

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Summer Friends | sum‧mer frends |
Friends whose lives intersect over a shared season and place.

The Summer Friends podcast is a regular conversation hosted by Nate Loucks. A summer friend is a person whose life intersects with your own for a brief season. Summer friends never have a permanent presence, but they often leave a lasting impression.

Each episode will be equal parts storytelling, interview, and education.

Let's be friends, even for just this season.

The Summer Friends Podcast | Ben Konowitz

Ben Konowitz is the owner of LaPorte Seamless Gutter and the founder of Big Comedy LaPorte, a nonprofit organization that hosts comedy events to raise money for charitable causes. He’s also co-host of the Go Flix Yourself Podcast.

I first met Ben at a middle school hayride. I liked him then. I like him more now.


Ben is an atheist. I’m a pastor.
Ben was an athlete. I was a musician.
He’s the Chris Farley to my Mike Birbiglia.

However, Ben and I intersect in more places than we divide. We both love the city that has helped form us. Even in our 30s, we are still working for the approval of our blue-collar, hardworking fathers. Moreover, we love to laugh and tell stories.

Ben and I had a conversation about his life. We talk about his small business and nonprofit work. We also talk about SNL and our mutual affinity for comedians, while also getting vulnerable about the weaknesses that propel us to succeed. I had a blast talking with my friend and your new summer friend, Ben Konowitz.