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Summer Friends

The Summer Friends Podcast is a regular one-hour conversation hosted by Nate Loucks introduces people into your life and mine for just a brief moment. It’s one hour of equal parts storytelling, interview, and education. We talk about community, shared interests and struggles, how our lives intersect, and where the guest plans on going from here.

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Summer Friends | sum‧mer frends |
Friends whose lives intersect over a shared season and place.

The Summer Friends podcast is a regular conversation hosted by Nate Loucks. A summer friend is a person whose life intersects with your own for a brief season. Summer friends never have a permanent presence, but they often leave a lasting impression.

Each episode will be one hour of equal parts storytelling, interview, and education.

Let's be friends, even for just this season.

The Summer Friends Podcast | Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson is the owner of Wilson’s Barbershop & Shave Parlor. The shop opened in May 2011 and has been awarded “Best Barber Shop” by Herald-Argus Reader’s Choice Awards every year since 2012.

Nate and Adam talk about moving from California to LaPorte, owning a small business, the demands of an entrepreneur’s schedule, the attraction and need of barber shops in a lonely age, and whatever else that came to their mind.

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